about us

It started in BIRMINGHAM…

Like any good power couple, we met at Uni. Our eyes met over a pair of photography degrees (no dark room jokes, please) at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and, after countless nights in the pub and three years of being inseparable, a life-long friendship and business partnership was born. Sixteen years, two marriages (one each) and four babies (two each) on, Emily & Katy Photography is going from strength to strength and we continue to inspire one another in every project we undertake.

Fun, Caring, Creative


Performing on a strict diet of coffee, wine and an unshakeable sense of humour, we’ve built our business from scratch, fuelled by a passion for photography and making our customers smile.  We love photographing events: families, fashion, and fabulous weddings. We capture every moment with a well-trained eye for detail and an intuitive sense of fun.

More than just a pair of skilled photographers, though, we’re also mums, aunts, friends, and women (not necessarily in that order). That means that we bring a certain warmth and awareness to our work. Clients in the past have praised us for our calming influence and quick-thinking: if anyone’s going to spot and rectify the fact that the Chief Bridesmaid’s got her skirt tucked into her knickers, it’s us!

We also have many years of fashion and product branding experience behind us, which means we can recognise and capture unique details and special moments as they occur naturally.


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