Finally, we are going live and boy are we excited, the straws and champagne are out! It has only taken a few years to have the time to get the new site sorted, whilst juggling our other jobs and our babes. We are so pleased to have worked with Yvette at Lemonade design, thank you for your support, patience, and knowledge.

As many of you know, this crazy duo met at Uni in Birmingham and we have come a long way since the dark room. Now Mummies to Milly, Poppy, Will and Edie and following our dream photographing amazing couples, beautiful brands, London Fashion Week and corporate events, we are VERY lucky girls.

BIG MASSIVE thanks goes out to our boys who have allowed us to follow our dream with ‘Emily and Katy’ they are pretty bloody AMAZING but we do not tell them that too often, as their heads may not fit through the door. We love you both xx

Thanks also to our amazing families for the love, support (and childcare), especially our Mum’s who let us pick up a camera at the age of 16 and then go on to do our Photography degrees, even though at the time they must have thought we were mad with makeshift darkrooms in cellars and sheds, you are EPIC.

So enjoy the website, we have been really fortunate to meet amazing people and have the pleasure of capturing some awesome weddings, families, and events… lots more to come from us, love us 2 xx.

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